Benefits of the ionized alkaline water

The human body comprises 40% to 80% water, with variations depending on age and physical condition.
It’s evident that water plays a vital role in our bodily functions.

The water we consume should meet specific criteria

  • Fresh, chemically, and biologically clean
  • Rich in minerals
  • Composed of small “molecular clusters”
  • High hydrogen content
  • Slightly alkaline
You are likely aware that tap and many bottled waters often fall short of these criteria, and there’s no sign of improvement—quite the opposite. Enhance your quality of life responsibly, both environmentally and economically, by investing in a TYENT alkaline water ioniser.

Proper hydration through regular consumption of clean, fresh water throughout the day is crucial to maintaining health and normal bodily function.

The benefits of ionised alkaline water for your health

Normalises metabolism and weight
Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases
Restores the activity of the digestive organs
Normalises the functioning of the liver and bile ducts
Regulates the body’s immune system
Enhances kidney function
Normalises bone and cartilage tissue structure
Improves joint and spine function

Increases blood oxygen saturation

Lowers blood sugar levels

Improves vision

Activates essential body microelements
Normalises thermoregulation and breathing
Enhances the quality of blood and lymph
Provides reliable protection against the destructive effects of free radicals
Normalises the function of endocrine glands

The meaning of “living water”

“Living water” is defined as water with a pH greater than 7.

According to Japanese researchers, drinking water with a pH greater than 7 increases the population’s life expectancy by 20-30%.

Acidic-alkaline balance

Alkaline solution: рН > 7
Neutral solution: рН = 7
Acidic solution: рН <7

рН of bottled water = 4 (acidic water)
рН of tap water = 7 (neutral pH)
рН of ionised alkaline water = 7.5 to 9 (this is the normal environment in the human body)

Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP)

The activity of reducing and oxidising agents in any product or aqueous solution is characterised by ORP. Specifically, the proton and electron content and activity in that product or aqueous solution.

Large positive values (+mV) indicate that water not only “refuses” to donate electrons but also absorbs them when they enter the body. Negative values (-mV) indicate that, upon entering the body, the water itself donates electrons.

It is vital to understand that only IONISED (alkaline) water has a negative ORP and is a regenerator (antioxidant) for the human body.

*mV – millivolt – a unit of measurement of the volt
ORP of bottled water = +295 mV
ORP of tap water = +300 – +500 mV
ORP of ionised alkaline water = -300 mV

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