What is a Water Ioniser?

What exactly are water ionizers?

A water ioniser is a household appliance that adjusts the pH level of ordinary tap water, making it either more alkaline or more acidic. The general guideline is that water with a pH above seven is considered more alkaline, while water with a pH below seven is considered more acidic.

Water with a pH of seven is neutral and safe for uses like preparing baby formula, taking medication, or general consumption. When you have TYENT water ionisers in your home, you can purify your tap water by removing impurities and utilising adjustable settings for various cleaning or sterilising applications.

History of Water Ionisers

The concept of water ionisation is relatively new to the United States and Europe. Still, alkaline water technology has been utilised in Japan and other parts of Asia for a significant period of time.

The first commercial water ioniser dates back to the 1950s. However, these early designs were large and were primarily found in hospitals and healthcare facilities. In 1958, Japanese manufacturers began producing household water ionisers certified as medical devices for health improvement. Subsequently, in the 1970s, Korea initiated mass production of medically certified water ionisers.

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Nowadays, water ionisers are very popular in Asia. Over forty million people in Japan and Korea have access to ionised, alkaline water. In Japan, hospitals and clinics have been using purified, electrically restructured, ionised, alkaline water to treat a variety of ailments for over 30 years. Over 6,500 Japanese and Korean doctors recommend this water as the best drinking water. This technology is now available to people all over the world. As early as 1966, the Japanese Ministry of Health and Rehabilitation confirmed that alkaline ionised water is beneficial for enhancing health and vitality. In the early 1970s, the Korean government provided similar confirmation.

The world’s leading water ioniser manufacturer, TYENT (South Korea), offers the most technologically advanced and high-quality alkaline water ionisers! With nearly three decades of history and a presence in more than fifty-five countries, TYENT offers these remarkable and essential health products.

How a Water Ioniser Functions

Water ionisers are connected to standard faucets or plumbing systems to remove contaminants and generate high-quality antioxidants. These cutting-edge systems use electrolysis, a technique that Michael Faraday first proposed in 1834 to transform tap water. TYENT is home to the best water ioniser on the market, with each module featuring large plates that significantly enhance the surface area available for electrolysis. An electrical current passes through tap water during electrolysis, causing it to split into hydrogen and oxygen particles.
The water ioniser then separates and extracts these different water ions to maintain their distinct properties.

The result is the creation of alkaline water, enriched with negatively charged ions, and acidic water, formed from positively charged ions. In essence, a water ioniser is an incredible machine for producing ionised, alkaline, and hydrogenated pure water!

How to Use Acidic and Alkaline Water

Many customers use acidic water for personal hygiene and household purposes. Acidic water serves as an all-natural household disinfectant and can replace harsh or toxic household cleaners.

The slightly acidic water also functions as a natural skin cleanser, hair conditioner, or antiseptic mouthwash.

Alkaline water primarily serves as a drinking water source but can also be employed to remove herbicides and pesticides from fruits and vegetables.

What are the Health Benefits of TYENT Ionised Water?

The health benefits of ionised water are unequivocal. With the best water ioniser in your home, you can embark on a happier and healthier life journey. Maximum amperage delivers the highest level of beneficial antioxidants, and ionised water can mitigate oxidative damage to DNA strands.

Maintaining healthy alkaline levels can prevent weight gain and enhance the quality of all bodily processes.
Ionised water consists of only five to six water molecules per cluster, compared to conventional water, which contains ten to thirteen water molecules per cluster.

This allows for quick hydration while nourishing your body optimally. Additionally, ionised water contains hydrogenated ions, which benefit your skin and promote plant growth at home.

Different Types of Water Ionisers

TYENT offers three popular water ionisation systems: countertop, under-counter, and portable. Countertop water ionisers attach to the sink faucet and include adjustable presets for selecting the desired water pH level. Most countertop ionisers also filter your tap water before subjecting it to electrolysis for ionisation. Undercounter water ionisers fit discreetly beneath your sink, providing the same functionality and efficiency as their countertop counterparts.

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