Alkaline Water and Women’s Health

16 May, 2022 | About Water

Alkaline water offers benefits for preventive measures, improving women’s health, and meeting their specific health needs.

However, some may question whether this is merely a marketing gimmick. Is ionised alkaline water as beneficial as it’s claimed to be? Let’s delve into this and make our case. But first, here’s an intriguing fact: the world’s largest group of users of this water purification method are the Japanese. They established numerous scientific centres and laboratories back in the 1960s, dedicating themselves to extensive research on the advantages of molecular hydrogen and alkaline water, thoroughly exploring their properties and remarkable benefits for our bodies and daily requirements.

The characteristics of water’s interaction with other substances define its chemical composition, pH, and redox potential. However, the water we commonly encounter tends to have high acidity due to its elevated salt content and the presence of various impurities, heavy metals, microplastics, fluorides, and many other harmful substances, not to mention the occasional presence of parasites and bacteria. Consequently, this leads to disruptions in metabolic processes and, eventually, oxidation in the body, resulting in a significant acid-base imbalance.

So, what do we mean by “living” water? Water with an alkaline ionisation level (pH 8–12) is referred to as living water.

Daily water purification has become an essential routine in modern society, contributing to the global surge in interest in water ionisation and TYENT ionisers. Allow us to acquaint you with the advantages of water ionisation and how this “Living” water can benefit the human body.

Scientific studies have long established that the contemporary dietary habits of individuals are a leading cause of many health issues. A dedicated field of study delves into the consequences of body acidity, particularly those resulting from the Western “diet.” Of particular interest in this context is the impact of alkaline water on the human body. Through various research methods, scientists have demonstrated that regular consumption of ionised alkaline water positively affects an individual’s health and bodily systems.

According to scientists, different mechanisms yield various effects on individuals. Ionised alkaline water contains a substantial number of active hydrogen molecules, making it an antioxidant capable of neutralising free radicals that harm cells and contribute to a range of diseases.

Numerous scientific articles are devoted to exploring the effects of ionised water on the reproductive system. Living water is poised to serve as a preventative measure against diseases owing to its antioxidant properties.

Science has indisputably demonstrated that ionised alkaline water significantly prevents diseases caused by free radicals and toxins.

Unfortunately, women’s intimate hygiene is a subject that is often overlooked. Many patients do not raise questions during their medical appointments, and few seek information from reliable sources. Even young mothers sometimes neglect the importance of proper intimate hygiene for their daughters. It seems simple, but a lack of understanding of the fundamentals of appropriate care and product selection for intimate hygiene can lead to health issues.

Research reveals that alkaline water provides benefits that ordinary tap or bottled water lacks. What secrets does it hold? Alkaline water restores the body’s pH balance, offering a higher pH level compared to regular bottled water, which helps reduce acidity levels within the body.

As early as the 1960s, Japan saw dozens of scientific studies emerge, and today, thousands are focused on enhancing the benefits of everyday drinking water. The various advantages of alkaline water have now reached consumers around the world, gaining popularity on a global scale.

Let’s explore some of the numerous benefits of ionised alkaline water:

Ionised alkaline water serves as a powerful antioxidant

Although the human body was designed in perfect balance, an unhealthy lifestyle, poor dietary choices, and a lack of physical activity can predispose the body to issues.

Alkaline water, enriched with various nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, helps prevent and alleviate a wide range of health problems that individuals might encounter. Recognise the benefits of ionised alkaline water for your body and harness the incredible qualities offered by every TYENT ioniser.

The Ionised Alkaline Water Effectively balances the bodily pH

One of the primary advantages of consuming alkaline water is its role in improving the body’s acid-base balance. A predominantly acidic pH in your body creates a favourable environment for diseases, parasites, bacteria, and a weakened immune system. Incorporating this water into your family’s diet can help restore the necessary pH level, serving as a vital preventive measure against future issues.

Supports Detoxification

Alkaline water consumption aids in the body’s detoxification process. Thanks to its essential nutrients, it helps strike the right balance during detoxification. The antioxidants and vitamins found in alkaline water facilitate efficiently removing toxins and free radicals from the body.

The Benefits of Alkaline Water for Weight Loss

If you aim to shed excess pounds from your body effectively and swiftly, you should prioritise consuming products and ingredients that can facilitate weight loss. Alkaline water encompasses all the desired and necessary nutrients, making it conducive to weight loss and the maintenance of a healthy weight.

One of the most significant advantages of alkaline water when striving for weight loss is its role in continually balancing your body’s pH levels. A well-functioning human body thrives in balanced, alkaline conditions. Body fat predominantly resides in the acidic pH range, contributing to the acidification of your body. Consistently drinking alkaline water undeniably restores a healthy pH level, reducing acidity and aiding in fat burning through a sequence of neutralisation reactions.

One straightforward method to accomplish this is by substituting your weekend cocktails with a glass or two of TYENT Living Alkaline Water. Not only does it offer a delightful taste, but it also supports your journey towards a healthier physique.

While there is no miraculous formula for instantaneous weight loss, the consumption of ionised alkaline water, such as that provided by TYENT systems, can significantly expedite the process and complement your weight loss endeavours. Ultimately, the key to a leaner, healthier body lies in the combination of proper hydration with wholesome, living, and high-quality water. Undoubtedly, this represents the most effective approach to accelerating weight loss.

Ideal for Consumption During Pregnancy

Japanese scientists have reported that when a woman becomes pregnant, she experiences a significant depletion of alkaline minerals crucial for the healthy development of the fetus in her womb. This loss of essential alkaline minerals occurs rapidly during the initial stages of pregnancy. Consequently, this mineral depletion leads to blood oxidation, a phenomenon responsible for morning sickness and frequently observed discomfort throughout pregnancy.

Alkaline water serves as an excellent method to maintain balanced pH levels. When the blood becomes predominantly acidic and deviates from the normal acid-base equilibrium, both the mother and the fetus face substantial health risks.

The consumption of alkaline water during pregnancy aids in stabilising the body’s pH levels, upholding a consistent acid-base balance, and replenishing alkaline minerals in the body, which are also delivered to the developing fetus.

An excessively acidic environment renders the body susceptible to various degenerative diseases. The intake of alkaline water contributes to fortifying the immune systems of both the mother and the fetus.

Do not compromise your health; take all necessary measures for a smoother pregnancy.

Make every effort to ensure the well-being of both you and your baby!

Benefits for Your Skin’s Health

According to UW Health, the Academic Medical Centre at the University of Wisconsin, “Insufficient hydration can make your skin scaly, tight, and dry. Just like any other part of your body, your skin is composed of cells, and cells are primarily made up of water. Dry skin is more susceptible to wrinkles.”
If you desire radiant and clear skin, it’s essential for your body to eliminate toxins. Adequate hydration through clean and healthy water makes toxin removal more efficient. According to FoodNDTV, alkaline water has the ability to boost your immune system as one of its benefits. With a weakened immune system, you become more susceptible to illnesses, and the combination of illness and medication can result in dry skin, rashes, and acne, occasionally leading to inflammation.

One of the primary benefits of consuming alkaline water for your skin is its role in fortifying the immune system. A robust immune system helps protect you from diseases, thereby safeguarding your skin.

Alkaline water, by offering enhanced hydration, contributes to slowing down the skin’s ageing process. Health-conscious individuals increasingly embrace alkaline water in pursuit of a better and healthier lifestyle. Since many dietary habits tend to be acidic (tea, coffee, alcohol, cooked meals, processed foods), alkaline water is crucial to maintaining your body’s acid-base balance.

Accelerate Hair Growth

The significance of water for hair and scalp care cannot be overstated. Hair and the scalp are susceptible to various harmful influences, and even slight negligence can lead to numerous problems. Therefore, it’s advisable to consider using alkaline water to reap the benefits of enhanced hair growth.
Alkaline water enhances blood circulation in the scalp, promoting hair growth. Regular use of alkaline water can address many issues that may affect the scalp and hair, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Today, water ionisers are prevalent in Asia, with over 30 million Japanese having access to ionised alkaline water. Japanese hospitals and clinics have been using purified, electrically restructured, ionised, alkaline water for treating a wide range of diseases for over 30 years. More than 6,500 Japanese doctors endorse this water as the best drinking water. This technology is now available to people worldwide.

The world’s leading company in water ionisers, TYENT (South Korea), offers state-of-the-art and high-quality ionisers for alkaline water. With a history spanning 26 years and a presence in over 55 countries, TYENT provides these invaluable health products. Since 2021, TYENT has introduced PREMIUM CLASS WATER IONIZATION SYSTEMS to the Bulgarian market, sourced directly from the globally recognised industry leader, “TAEYOUNG E&T Co., Ltd.” in Korea.

In Bulgaria, hundreds of families have already discovered the beneficial properties of TYENT’s delicious, revitalising, and health-promoting water.

The cleanest and healthiest water in the world can now be at your fingertips for you and your loved ones.


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