Alkaline Water’s Benefits During Pregnancy

20 Jul, 2022 | About Water

Pregnancy is an incredibly exhilarating yet somewhat apprehensive phase in a woman’s life. When the pregnancy test shows a positive result, many emotions and questions arise, including concerns about what is safe and what is not for both the expectant mother and her baby.

According to Japanese scientists, “When a woman becomes pregnant, she experiences a significant loss of the alkaline minerals crucial for the high-quality development of the fetus. In the early stages of pregnancy, these vital alkaline minerals are specifically drawn from the mother’s body, mainly to support the placenta. This sudden loss of alkaline minerals leads to a rapid increase in the acidity of her blood, which, in turn, often triggers morning sickness and frequent discomfort during pregnancy.”

What are the advantages of consuming alkaline water during pregnancy?

Alkaline water serves as an excellent means to maintain proper pH balance. When the blood rapidly shifts towards increased oxidation, deviating from the normal acid-base equilibrium, the mother and fetus face significant health risks. Drinking alkaline water during pregnancy aids in stabilising the body’s pH level, restoring the overall alkaline balance, and replenishing the alkaline minerals taken from the mother’s body to nourish the developing fetus.

An excessively acidic environment heightens the body’s susceptibility to diseases. Thus, the consumption of alkaline water reinforces the immune systems of both the expectant mother and the developing fetus.

While pregnancy should ideally be joyful, it frequently comes with unpleasant side effects. Here are some of these side effects and how alkaline water might offer relief:

Indigestion and Heartburn

More than half of all pregnant women experience symptoms related to excessive stomach acidity. Pregnancy-induced heartburn might be due to hormonal changes or dietary choices. Additionally, the growing uterus can compress the abdominal area, causing discomfort by pushing the stomach upward and allowing stomach acid to flow back into the esophagus. Alkaline water can provide relief from heartburn and acid reflux by acting as a buffer, neutralising stomach acids effectively.

Bowel Discomfort

Elevated hormone levels, iron supplements, and the pressure exerted on the rectum by the growing uterus can result in uncomfortable bowel movements during pregnancy. While laxatives can provide relief, it is advisable, during pregnancy, to favour natural and gentle methods rather than expose the body and fetus to excessive pills and chemicals.

Increasing your dietary fibre intake is one of the most effective natural remedies for such discomfort. Expectant mothers should incorporate more fruits and vegetables into their diet. Additionally, drinking at least six to eight glasses of high-quality water daily keeps the body well-hydrated and aids in promoting healthy bowel movements. Alkaline water, in particular, offers natural support for the digestive system of every individual.

How can alkaline water benefit digestion and alleviate constipation?

Alkaline water is structurally re-engineered to contain smaller molecules, making it easier for the body to digest and absorb. The more alkaline water you consume, the more your digestion and bowel movements will function more efficiently.

Combating Fatigue and Low Energy

Many pregnant women experience fatigue and low-energy periods, particularly during the first and third trimesters. Hormonal shifts and the increased demands on the body to support the developing fetus can contribute to this fatigue.

Alkaline water, which undergoes structural reconfiguration for enhanced absorption, naturally rejuvenates and hydrates pregnant women. This property helps alleviate the fatigue often encountered during the nine months of pregnancy.

Addressing Morning Sickness

The term “morning sickness” is misleading, as it can occur at any time of the day. Once again, hormones play a significant role in inducing feelings of nausea. Symptoms of morning sickness range from mild nausea and dizziness to frequent vomiting. While this discomfort often subsides around the 12-week mark, some women may experience it throughout their entire pregnancy. Fortunately, alkaline water can provide relief.

Increasing alkaline water intake is a wise idea for women attempting to conceive. Sang Wang recommends, “Before a woman conceives, she should consume an ample amount of alkaline water to mitigate nausea and promote a healthy pregnancy. Without a sufficient supply of alkaline minerals, a woman may age rapidly during pregnancy and encounter various postnatal issues.”

Excessive acidity can create an overly acidic environment in the body, posing health risks for the mother and fetus when the immune system becomes compromised. When pregnant and with predominantly acidic pH levels, one becomes more vulnerable to the side effects of pregnancy. Therefore, it is essential not to jeopardise your health and to take all the necessary steps for a more comfortable pregnancy. Do everything required to ensure the well-being of both you and your baby.

If you attempt to conceive, we wish you the best of luck.
If you are already pregnant, CONGRATULATIONS!

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