Application of the ionisers

At home

Take care of the whole family’s health by providing ionised alkaline water with proven benefits for young and old. Use it for drinking and washing fruits and vegetables, and create healthy habits in your children from an early age.

In the office

Show your employees and customers how important their health and well-being are to you by providing them with purified water with TYENT filters. Choose elegant design solutions that will fit harmoniously into the modern office environment.


Solutions for HOREKA that will improve the quality of the services you provide. The water filtered with TYENT will provide you with incomparable purity in the water you use to wash your products and prepare your menu offerings.

Health facilities

The patient’s health comes first at every moment in your medical centre, doctor’s office, dental studio, etc. Give your visitors confidence in your care with TYENT Alkaline Ionised Water Filters.

Children’s facilities

The smallest are particularly sensitive to their surroundings. Let us set a good example by caring for their well-being with TYENT. Starting as a game, they will develop a healthy habit of drinking filtered water.

TYENT water ionisers

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