What makes TYENT UCE 13 PLUS uniquе

  • Automatic cleaning
  • Filter replacement warning
  • Turbo Boost mode
  • Titanium medical plates
  • Extreme Hydrogen Molecular Boost mode
  • 13 titanium-platinum plates (Largest quantity in the industry!)
  • Voice control and colour touchscreen display

* Outcomes are dependent upon source output water conditions

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The TYENT UCE 13 PLUS model is one of the flagship ionisers manufactured by TYENT South Korea and offers distinctive features and advantages. Some examples are as follows.

Forty-four patents

The patent-protected and technologically-advanced TYENT UCE 13 PLUS is the market’s most attractive and remarkable product. Using patented technologies ensures superior quality, dependability, and productivity.

One of the highest electrolysis levels

The TYENT UCE 13 PLUS electrolysis system converts ordinary water into alkaline and ionised water with an extremely high pH level and a negative ORP (oxidation-reduction potential). This can assist in balancing the pH of the body and reducing oxidative stress.

Patented water filtration and purification technology

TYENT UCE 13 PLUS employs a number of high-performance filters capable of removing a wide range of impurities and unwanted substances from water, such as chlorine, drug residues, heavy metals, and other contaminants. This filtration process ensures that the drinking water is clean and fresh.

Elegant design and user-friendly

The contemporary and elegant design of the TYENT UCE 13 PLUS, which features high-quality materials, complements any modern home, office, restaurant, or medical facility. The device is also simple to install and operate, with a user-friendly interface and multiple functions for adjusting pH levels and other significant parameters.

Support and warranty

TYENT is renowned for the dependability and quality of its products, and it provides users with a lengthy warranty and expert support.

Self-cleaning function

The automatic self-cleaning function of the TYENT UCE 13 PLUS aids in maintaining optimal cleanliness of the ionisation chamber and preventing the buildup of deposits and bacteria. This feature ensures the durability and dependability of the device.

Construction and materials

The TYENT UCE 13 PLUS’s longevity is ensured by using corrosion-resistant, high-quality materials such as stainless steel and Teflon. It is constructed with watertight connections and offers a concealed water mounting location, making it suitable for use in any kitchen environment.

13 titanium-platinum plates

UCE 13 PLUS features 13 titanium-platinum plates. This is the largest quantity in the industry, which provides a number of advantages. Hybrid perforated plate technology is used, which is much more efficient than solid or mesh plates. The most important advantages that distinguish the plates in TYENT ionizers are:

  • Potent electrolysis
  • Expansive interaction surface
  • High alkaline water pH levels
  • Optimal negative ORP

With a kitchen design

The TYENT UCE 13 PLUS outperforms other TYENT alkaline water ionisers in terms of performance, electrolysis rates, and filtration technology. Due to its unique features, patent-protected technologies, and variety of colour options, this model can be a bit more expensive than other TYENT models.

The TYENT UCE 13 PLUS ultimately provides high-quality, fully functional water ionisation, efficient filtration, and a well-engineered design. If you are looking for an alkaline water ioniser or the best water purification system to improve the quality of your drinking water, the TYENT UCE 13 PLUS is a model to consider. The TYENT UCE 13 PLUS is constructed to the highest quality and functionality standards. It features cutting-edge technologies and materials, making it durable and dependable for long-term use.

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