The fight with chronic dehydration

15 Sep, 2023 | Causes

The current escalation of disease portends something dreadful for humanity. How many of us, however, ponder questions such as “Is this the way we should live?” Should we
continue this way? How long will it be possible to ignore the call of the body?
Medicine has become a medicine of observation rather than action. Medicine relies on observing, establishing, and pointing out what is happening through imaging, however not implement adequate actions to cure the health condition. There are no separate diseases. There is one: DEHYDRATION OF THE BODY!

With the WATER REVOLUTION we are making our mark by informing the public about the devastating effects of chronic dehydration, or so-called “dehydration of the body,” from human life in the womb to ancient times.

Adi and Milen Tzanovy, the authors of “WATER REVOLUTION”

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