The magic of ionised water

11 Oct, 2022 | TYENT Bulgaria in the media

I’ve always shared my experiences with friends and even strangers. As the first and most enthusiastic user of the products and services offered by PREMIUM Lifestyle, it is vital to lead by example. The promise to launch a magazine targeting the so-called “high segment” doesn’t just mean showcasing ultra-expensive items. What truly satisfies us is discovering new, revolutionary products ahead of their time and setting trends for years to come.

After interviewing Milena Tzanova and Atanas Petkov for our summer issue, we were so impressed that we immediately got a TYENT water ioniser for our home. In fact, we plan to install three more – in our parents’ and children’s homes and one at the office for our colleagues and business guests.

We all understand from biology lessons (and personal experience) how vital water quality is for drinking, washing, cooking, and cleaning. Memories of the usefulness of alkaline and acidic water from our chemistry classes linger. So, I asked myself, Why have I only recently started using them systematically, reminding myself when I needed them, and exploring new applications? The answer was simple: I didn’t know about TYENT and how easy it is to stay healthy.

Irena Komitova

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