The Water of Life- Gift your Body with Energy and Health

18 Apr, 2022 | TYENT Bulgaria in the media

The philosopher Lao Tzu once stated that nothing is softer and more flexible than water, yet nothing in existence can overcome it. Her strength is all-encompassing. At times, her demeanour captivates with the serene silence of a picturesque lake, while at other moments, the roar of ocean waves can inspire fear. Occasionally, the droplets on our hands may seem minuscule, but the stories they carry are immense.

When she is absent, when the spring runs dry, and when the well is depleted, we come to appreciate her true wealth. Without water, survival becomes an arduous endeavour. While we may endure, however challenging it may be, without love, friendships, or the fulfilment of dreams, water is one thing we cannot do without. We recognise that we are an integral part of her, and she is an essential part of us. Indeed, we can forgo everything else, but not this life-giving elixir. If there is any magic in life, it undoubtedly resides within the H2O molecule.


This is because human health hinges on water. Our very existence relies on it. Everything around us—plants, animals, and our planet—depends on water. Yet quality is a crucial aspect. In the developed world, where the average life expectancy is around 78 years, can you imagine potentially adding another 10-15 years to that simply by consuming high-quality water? Research by scientists worldwide shows a direct connection between life expectancy and the quality of the water we drink. How else can we explain that among those who reach the age of 100 and beyond, a significant number are individuals who regularly drink water from natural springs and wells?

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