Warranty Conditions and Installation Guidelines

The warranty conditions encompass all the necessary recommendations and requirements for installing, mounting, and using the machine, device, or water ioniser. These conditions apply to the entire warranty coverage of the device. If the unit is not installed, mounted, and used in accordance with the information provided below, the warranty conditions for the device become void, and TYENT BULGARIA disclaims responsibility for servicing it under warranty in the event of a malfunction. TYENT BULGARIA cannot verify and substantiate the installation method, especially if the user chooses to perform the installation independently, an action that immediately invalidates the warranty conditions for the device. Additionally, relocating the device from its original installation site, as carried out by an authorised TYENT BULGARIA representative, may also affect the warranty conditions. Therefore, the warranty conditions remain valid only when the customer can demonstrate that damage to the device results from a factory defect.

In cases where the customer decides, at their own risk, not to utilise TYENT BULGARIA’s authorised representative for installation, dismantling, or relocation of the appliance, warranty conditions become void in the event of damage or malfunction of the device. This includes scenarios such as leaks, bursts, water quality issues, dislocation of parts, cables, bodies, and others.

Installation of the unit only occurs after receipt. The authorised technician responsible for the installation process follows a schedule that should be considered regarding the specific structure. The installation will be completed within 10 working days. Suppose the customer cannot be present at the installation site (whether it’s a home, office, or another location) within 22 working days, providing access for installation. In that case, TYENT BULGARIA, through an authorised team member, is not held responsible for adhering to the 10-working-day deadline. The timeline may be adjusted based on the customer’s availability.

Furthermore, during the initial installation, the authorised technician may encounter installation challenges related to the device itself (type, accessories, and technical specifications), the characteristics of the installation location, and the kind of faucet or water source to which the appliance needs to be connected. To prevent the need for a subsequent visit by authorised personnel, which may incur additional costs for transportation and service, the client is advised to take clear photographs of all aspects highlighted by a TYENT BULGARIA team member in the office. Additionally, providing detailed information about the type of water supplied to the designated location (home, office, etc.) is recommended. This information assists the team in preparing adequately and offering prompt guidance if necessary.

Every customer who purchases a water appliance is required to install a pre-filter system to reduce sediment accumulation. This includes “hard” water, more extensive deposits, and other significant sediment particles in the appliance’s water supply. Customers need to understand that an alkaline water ioniser is not a municipal water treatment facility but a “gentle” device equipped with precise mechanisms designed to purify and ionise the water. However, it is not meant to handle large volumes of impurities. Failure to install a pre-filter system renders any warranty conditions for the unit null and void. Customers can inquire about the cost of the pre-filter system by emailing the TYENT BULGARIA Office at ilove@tyentbulgaria.com. The pre-filter system increases the device’s durability and enhances the water purification, ionisation, and alkalisation processes. Customers may also obtain the pre-filter system from other providers, so long as it meets the purification requirements of the device and is comparable to the filter system provided by TYENT BULGARIA (consisting of three types of filters for simultaneous purification).

Filter Replacement and Maintenance Guidelines:
The filters within the device should be replaced every 4000 litres of water, or at most every 6 calendar months. Through the display, which is visible, the user can keep an eye on the amount of water the machine is processing. The pre-filter system should be replaced every 4-6 months unless the water is high in lime, sediments, impurities, etc. The customer can replace both the device’s filters and the pre-filter system, following clear instructions provided by an authorised TYENT BULGARIA representative. If the customer encounters difficulties, they should request assistance from TYENT BULGARIA, and they will be charged according to the price proposal for this service. It’s important to note that these warranty conditions do not cover pre-filter systems, and TYENT BULGARIA assumes no responsibility for any breakage, displacement, or damage to these systems.

TYENT BULGARIA does not assume responsibility for precise ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential) readings since ORP values are not constant and may fluctuate with various interactions.

The device is equipped with a cleaning indicator. When this indicator is displayed, the machine should be allowed to undergo a self-cleaning process. The customer must wait patiently for the entire duration of the self-cleaning cycle. This function serves several vital purposes: preserving the appliance’s longevity, maintaining the filters’ durability until expiration, and upholding the warranty conditions. The warranty conditions may become null and void if the customer fails to perform this duty as the authorised personnel have indicated. TYENT BULGARIA cannot be held accountable for the customer’s lack of attention in this regard.

In cases where the water ioniser’s packaging and its components are damaged, the machine cannot be returned under warranty. The machine must be returned in its original box in good condition, including all accessories and the case provided with the device’s purchase.

When customers choose to move the device at their discretion, TYENT BULGARIA is not liable for any damage incurred during this process, and the machine will not be serviced under warranty in such cases. However, TYENT BULGARIA does offer a paid service for servicing the device in these circumstances. TYENT BULGARIA strongly advises customers against moving the device themselves, regardless of their confidence in assembly and disassembly. TYENT BULGARIA maintains a database of the initial installation of the machine or appliance, and an authorised representative can handle the relocation for a service fee paid by the customer.

If the machine experiences an electric shock, it may be damaged, and the warranty conditions will no longer apply. TYENT BULGARIA cannot be held responsible for issues arising from a faulty electrical network or power supply.

If the machine becomes blocked or processes hard, unsuitable water, TYENT BULGARIA cannot be held responsible for defective plumbing or contaminated water. In such cases, the machine should not be serviced or repaired under warranty. Therefore, the necessity of a pre-filter system is crucial for the device’s operation and the warranty conditions under which TYENT BULGARIA will provide service. This user manual emphasises that the device is not a municipal treatment plant but rather a “gentle” device with a delicate ionization-alkalization mechanism for water. The devices cannot effectively filter water containing aggressive sediments such as limestone levels exceeding 10 German degrees, sand, and other deposits commonly found in water systems. In cases where blockages occur due to excessive limestone levels (above 10 German degrees), sand, or other sediments and deposits, the warranty becomes void.

If the water pressure from your water source is excessively high, a pressure regulating valve must be installed before the water enters the appliance/machine/ioniser. Should high-pressure water pass through the machine, TYENT BULGARIA cannot be held responsible for any resulting damages, and the warranty conditions will become void. Excessive pressure can cause the filters to malfunction, resulting in water leakage from the machine. Moreover, the ionisation and subsequent alkalisation process remains incomplete at high pressures, as they require gentle and non-aggressive water entry into the device.

Under no circumstances should the appliance be mounted in a hanging position on a wall, regardless of the distance between the device and any nearby table, floor, or other surface.

It is essential to note that in case of an extended absence from the location where the device is installed, the water supply to the device must be shut off to prevent potential damage or flooding. This is a mandatory precaution.

The device should never be exposed to hot water. If the customer inadvertently passes hot water through the unit, resulting in its malfunction, an authorised technician can ascertain the cause and declare the warranty void.

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